About Us

At Outpost Software, we solve hard problems — and we do it fast.

Our digital consultation services take your assets to the next level: we work to identify the best path to create an ideal technical solution, all using industry-leading practices. We believe that managing your data, development, and technology is about more than maintenance: it’s about seizing a competitive advantage for every part of your company’s operations!

Meet Joe

Principal Developer Joseph Jorgens has leveraged his extensive technical expertise to build fresh tools and custom solutions for the most sophisticated data management challenges. He boasts a wide-ranging portfolio of high-level projects, balancing industry-best practices alongside clever innovation, speed, and an economical advantage.

  • Joe offers specialized Database and Data Warehouse Services, creating optimal solutions to fit each of his client's particular requirements.
  • Joe is proud to be a full stack developer, focusing on the .NET Framework and C# solutions.
Joe Jorgens
Data Warehousing 101

Data is one of your company's most essential assets, and managing it well is key to your success. This information provides key decision makers, strategists, and high level executives with the technical tools they need to make well-founded decisions. The more efficiently your team can leverage data, the more successful you become.

Why choose Us


To optimize your assets and get the job done right, you need true expertise: technical talent, industry savvy, and focused execution. You'll also need an alpha geek who likes solving challenging problems, and that's Outpost Software.


Outpost Software works within both your budget and your timeline. Technology moves at the speed of light, and our solutions help clients outpace the rest of the pack. We won't keep you waiting.


There's no one-size-fits-all solution in data management, development, or web design - every company's needs are unique. Outpost Software builds tools and systems to fit your specific challenges based on industry best practices. Custom solutions, optimal results.

Key Projects
  • Custom design and construction of a replacement data warehouse for CNA National Warranty Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ. Leadership, guidance, and education of CNA's Data Governance Committee
  • Craft and implementation of executive's custom vision for a self-service BI portal at Pacific Specialty Insurance Company, Palo Alto, CA
  • Full Management of $2M IT budget at Endurance Services, LTD, in White Plains, NY, including development teams, project planning, and new process implementation

Is your business ready to truly leverage digital assets? Reach out for a custom consultation from Outpost Software today!