Apr 07

Game Over

Unfortunately, we have come to realisation that we do not have the time to continue work on outpost or any other games in the foreseeable future. I myself am completing two degrees and have very minimal time outside of university to work on projects. My partner Ben is spending his time completing a very important project which will impact the whole of the computing community. While game development is and will continue to be a passion of ours, the next immediate stage in our lives will be spent on learning and expanding our passions into more areas of computer science. We would like to thank each and everyone one of you that visited us at that played our game, visited our stall at EBExpo and generally everyone who had fun with the game or the development process. We hope that  sometime in the future we can revisit game development or just be able to make a meaningful impact on your lives through computing / technology. The website will still be up and the game will still be able to be downloaded if you like. If you ever want to contact us in regards to the game or general advice in learning about game development or computing don’t hesitate to send an email. Thanks again for some of the best and memorable events and years of our lives, now go find other indie developers that need your support to reach their milestones!

Cameron and Ben.

Dec 20

Two Dash Stash Article

What happens when two 14-year-olds sit in the back of a science class and decide to make a video game? Outpost happens.

Head over to TwoDashStash’s Website to read an amazing article about Outpost.

Dec 16

Newest Team Member

Today we welcome aboard Asem Wardark onto the Outpost team, taking advantage of his programming expertise to assist in developing some of the core gameplay system.


Oct 22

EBExpo video interview

Oct 08

Quick Fix Update

Just yesterday we managed to fix all of the major bugs in the latest version of Outpost. Because some of these were completely game-breaking we decided to make another release instead of waiting for the next version.

This quick-fix is completely compatible with the other version, but it is recommended you download it if any of these bugs bother you:

  • Fixed Pre-Game timer not updating when the game is first joined by more then two people
  • Improved network stability
  • Improved Server safety features (offline players can no longer join servers hosted by logged on people)
  • Improved “smoothness” of characters even on laggy connections (can’t change anything on unstable connections though)
  • Fixed up the spelling of Lazer to proper English (Laser)
  • Fixed certain missing materials
  • Changed movement speeds for crouching, walking and running to be more balanced.


Along with fixes in the game, we also fixed some things on our backend:

  • Fixed issue with mysql connection dropping out
  • Allows servers to now check if people are logged in or not
  • Improved stability (no more crashes/downtime)


We hope you enjoy finally playing a more stable version of Outpost,

See you online!

Oct 07

Thank You

Thank you everyone who came around and visited us at EBExpo, We really appreciate all the positive comments and suggestions from you guys. Download the game and have fun!

photo (27) photo (28)

Oct 05

Big Bug in Outpost

We have reports of a pretty big bug that doesn’t let more than 2 people play at once. We’re really sorry for this happening, we will fix as soon as the expo is over. So just wait 2 days and you should be able to play outpost like normal. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

Oct 04

Welcome Gamers

Hey all you gamers from EBExpo, here’s a quick post to get you where you wanna go! Thanks for stopping by to play our game, we hoped you enjoyed it!

Liked Outpost and want to download the Alpha?


Liked Outpost and want to find out more? Head over here!

Did you know that there’s a book written about outpost?
Here’s the trailer


Want to read more about the series and download it? Right here

Oct 03

Outpost Version 0.3 Release!

The long awaited new update is finally out!

After long months of hard work, we’ve managed to get a new version finished just before our appearance at EB Expo. This is definitely the best version yet with massive improvements from whatever angle you choose to look from:

  • Completely new Main Menu (WIP)
  • New Backend system for secure Login and preliminary stat logging
  • Total Casulties and Wager Stats added
  • Complete rewriting of the Multiplayer system for more secure and smooth Gameplay
  • New movement system allowing for more accurate yet more flowing movement around the map
  • Complete rework of the map. Similar design started from scratch!
  • Overhaul of the weapons system. Should be a little faster
  • Added pre and post game time (WIP)
  • Networking and other optimizations more than doubling CPU performance
  • More movement options for more personalized Gameplay
  • Improved object physics

With an update to Unity 4 we can now support the Linux platform: “The future of gaming” – valve

Enjoy and visit us at EB Expo in the Homegrown gaming Section!

Oct 02

Update Notice (Servers Down)

On the 3rd of October we will be releasing an update for both Outpost and the Login System. To do this the entire system will have to be shut down and you will not be able to log in for some hours.

The new system is somewhat experimental so we cannot guarantee that anything will work for that day, so if you are trying to play on this day please keep this in mind.

Along with the new system will also come a database flush. All current account data will be permanently deleted and any new data added on the 3rd of October is not guaranteed to persist.

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